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General Policies

  1. Our dress code is casual ( Flipflop and Galabeya  are not allowed ).

  2. Cursing and Bad words are not allowed .

  3. Bringing food & Beverages  is not allowed .

  4. Pets are not allowed .

  5. Cigarettes and drinks are not allowed on the billiards table as you may hurt the table cloth.

  6. Couples only are not allowed in the private rooms

  7. All the place is monitored by cameras.

  8. Permission is needed to use a professional Cameras.

  9. Kindly use your own headphones when listening to media on your mobile or computer.

  10. We are not responsible for losing your personal stuff.

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Booking Policies

  1. kindly enter your contact number and your active email  to be able to receive a booking confirmation or cancelation mail.

  2. You booking will be cancelled after 20 minutes if  you don't show up on time or called for a proper excuse .

  3. You will be charged for the time that you applied for booking not for actual starting or ending playing time.

  4. In case You didn't came for your booking more than one time you will be banned to use booking option and only allowed to play onsite upon availability .


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